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a new and better future for the country. But he also said it was clear and important to accord to Haiti's sovereignty and independent voice when marshalling efforts. "That goodwill


lera. While the Aribonite River, which is the source of the cholera, overflowed, so it is expected that the situation becomes worse. The Haitian authorities launched an internatio.


inhua) -- The Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group on Monday announced the imminent release of two police officers and a soldier captured in January. The .


most wanted terrorists, was believed to have taken over the leadership of al-Qaida's branch in Somalia, from where he directed world attacks and African terror operations. BEIRU.


-- Six people were killed and another 26 were injured in a fire started by inmates at a Brazilian prison, authorities said Wednesday. The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon at the Co.

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d that U.S. envoy for DPRK policy Stephen Bosworth and Kim started their meeting behind closed doors around 10:10 a.m. EDT. Bosworth and Kim remained silent after their first-day .

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ying law by expanding the definition of bullying and linking it to academic achievement. It will also strengthen policies and procedures to reduce bullying in schools and keep st.

hat two people were dead at the school's Wold Physical Science Center and one dead at another location in Casper, although he would not identify the dead or the other location. He .

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