as it provides him with a chance to sweep the delegates there, further enlarging the lead he enjoys over Santorum, who emerged in the past month as his main rival in the race. Rom.

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e after a police eviction of farmers left 17 people dead. The impeachment was largely seen in South America as a disguised coup d'etat and some regional bodies, including the Merco.

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what he called an underground economy that relies on illegal immigrant workers. Obama had vowed to reform the country's immigration system during his presidential campaign in 200.

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akers at both states and here in Washington for "kick(ing) the can down the road" on gun control issues, Parker said he would not rest "until I see something happen" on gun contr.

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011. "The road ahead will be long and hard." Full story BOGOTA, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- Ecuador's Deputy Foreign Minister Quinto Lucas accused on Thursday the former Ecuadorian presid.

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er voice flashed with anger. "We don't kill people for being sick," she said emphatically, ending the defense's two-minute opening argument in the second of three phases that may .

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aid cargoes. The quake toppled most government buildings and shattered its ruling system. The Haitian government has been largely invisible since the quake and none so far is in e.

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fort to work with the Pakistanis could jeopardize the mission." "They might alert the targets," Panetta said. U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday night announced the killing of bi.

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Ebrard said through his twitter account that the quake was felt apparently in parts of the Mexican capital. He said there is no damage reported yet and invited citizens to under.

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